Horse Play - Entertainment (HoPE) is a solution for people who are interested in investing in play-to-earn ecosystems and utilizing the full potential of such a concept without actually playing the games while simultaneously providing guidance for players and way to play for people who can't or don't want to invest themselves but still want to play and earn.

We are aiming to provide a safe and reliable environment for both players and investors in the play-to-earn space - one of the fastest growing parts of cryptocurrency evolution.

Our goals

There are two divisions of HoPE. These our their goals.

Investors division

There is no way for investors to fully utilize most play-to-earn projects without actually playing the games. We can provide trustworthy, dedicated and ambitious players to fill this missing part of the equation. Investors then can amplify their gains to the maximum potential. Our extensive knowledge in this space and constant research about new play-to-earn projects ensure that we can extract maximum profit from every joined platform.

Players division

We want to support all passionate gamers to be able to maximize their skill integration and earning potential without initial investment limitations. This limitation is one of the key flaws of play-to-earn ecosystem and we aim to combat it by pairing capital of investors with players skills. Each player will receive in-game accounts linked to a wallet owned by the organization. Each wallet will be loaded with assets needed to ensure best performance for the player based on their preferences as well as skills.


In the initial phase the funds will be managed by Horso so we can operate quickly and adapt to gameplay/market aspects to secure maximum profits. Gameplay aspect will be handled by Horso personally. He will leverage his pre-established positions within games (mainly Clash of Moland). After every game period (season) profits will be realized. 25% of gathered funds will be used to build a treasury. Once stable monthly income is secured, we will pick trusted andreliable investors that will be incorporated into a multisig master wallet where the majority of funds will be stored. After enough players join we will assign coaches to groups of players based on skills. These coaches will be in charge of wallets and will manage them for players. As revenue will grow, every investor will receive monthly dividends based on their investment.


Players will receive salary based on their performance and revenue for them will be deducted from total revenue. The rest will be divided as below.

  • 15% Coaches
  • 45% Investors
  • 20% Treasury
  • 20% Head council

All allocations are subject to change.